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Need Voting Info?

We’ve had some questions about voting dates and times. Voting will take place between Oct. 1 and Nov. 2. In Category 1 and Category X airports, voting will take place on-site. Specific voting dates and times in those airports will vary by airport and by checkpoint, so watch for details at your airport. In Category 2, 3 and 4 airports voting will be by mail. If you have not received any information or have any questions, please contact your Local. A complete list of AFGE TSA Locals can be found here, http://tsa.afge.org/FindYourLocal/


10 Responses

  1. The FSDs are going to have the ballots, who is going to administer the ballots to the TSOs? Are the ballots going to be handled by TSA management and not the Union? How will TSOs know their votes are being sent in to be counted? There seem to be a lot of Gaps in this process without any substantial plans. How do we know the ballots will even get sent in on time to be counted?

  2. Lori – Good question. At all on-site voting locations the ballots will be controlled by a joint team of poll workers from management and the union. The team is responsible for the counting of ballots and the mailing of the tally to a designated P.O. Box in Washington, D.C.

    • Okay I have just been informed that our voting is being handled by management and so far none of the Local board are going to be present. I am a little confused how this can be allowed. Our local President had a meeting and made the agreement but didn’t inform anyone. Now it’s a week away and there are no plans to have any AFGE member in on the balloting or counting. How is this okay?

      • We need to know what airport you are at. If you are not comfortable posting it here, please email me at ryane@afge.org

        • You can add to the problem the AFSD here is saying we can Volunteer our time for the voting because he is saying there is No Official time for us to work the voting or counting so Management can handle it. Really? This is not how its supposed to happen is it?

  3. how and when can you get an absentee ballot?

    • Hi Carol – In order to receive an absentee ballot, the bargaining unit employee must be unable to attend onsite voting at his/her airport. Bargaining unit employees should contact management and Local union officials at the airport to request an absentee ballot. The ballot must be requested 48 hours prior to the date onsite voting begins at the bargaining unit employee’s airport. Hope this helps!

      • This is a goat rope. I am a steward at Local 2617. I have people asking questions all day. Was there a plan to get us some training on this contract or are we just supposed to wing it? How about some support for printing contracts and summary’s? DO I just pay out of pocket and hope I get a pay out? I called the 800 number but guess what, no one works after 5. We do. How about you ramp up and put some people on so we can get some answers. Things are not happening correctly. We have all put in years of work to get to this point, and now the ball is being dropped. I need to know the process for absentee ballots. All I get is, send this managment guy an email. Well he does not work weekends or after 1730, so thats 8 days gone from the month. Factor in RDO’s and mailing time, and the 48 hour cut off before on site voting. Who verifies the voting roster? How do I, or other union officers know who has received mail in ballots? I thought a poll worker and a management official needed to be present when this was done. Getting a brief to just send some managment guy a email does not satisfy the requirments as set forth in the guidence. Where is your official Q&A web site for the contract that I can refer my people to? Do you even have one? Do you have official District members who are assigned as POC’s for the Locals? You need to make contact, National to Local on a contant basis until the vote is complete. I am talking warm and fuzzy contact, not just a group email.
        I am off to work now. Called yesterday to the 866-392-6832 number with many of the same questions. Got the answering service. Called this morning, got the “A representative will contact you when they are available.” line. Still no response. Its like dealing with the insurance company. Somebody better get on the stick and touch base with all the locals. I am getting tired of trying to spread the word without support, and I can tell you for sure, the officers can see the lack of organization and are not inspired.

        • Jim – Thank you for commenting. We understand your concerns and much of what you are asking about now is handled at the Local level, including printing contracts and all voting management. You should bring your concerns to Local 2617 President Kevin Casey (caseyk@afgelocal2617.org). You also can reach out to TSA Council Regional Vice President Stacey Bodtmann at stacybodtmann@afgelocal2222.org or AFGE Field Services and Education Deputy Director Peter Winch at winchp@afge.org.

          • Thank you. I will work at those contacts. Can you please clarify for me this one issue.

            For a location that will have in person voting, what is required as far as Absentee Ballots are concerned. Does a Poll worker, or a designated Union member need to be present to verify the roster name, ballot hand off, etc?
            If the Management official is a 9-5 Mon-Fri person, can we require an alternate be available to handle requests made on weekends, or after 5pm, such as 3rd shift.

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