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Congratulations to the entire TSA workforce on your first ever collective bargaining agreement! Below is our press release on the contract. We’ll post more details soon.

TSA Workers Ratify First Union Contract

(WASHINGTON)—Workers at the Transportation Security Administration made history today when they voted to ratify the first-ever collective bargaining agreement at the agency. The agreement between the American Federation of Government Employees and TSA was ratified with a vote of 17,326-1,774.

“AFGE is proud that TSA workers finally have a union contract that will improve their working lives and bring stability to the workforce,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox.

“This agreement will mean better working conditions, fair evaluation practices and safer workplaces, and in doing so, it will improve morale. This is important because low morale leads to unsafe levels of attrition in an agency where a stable, professional workforce of career employees is vital to its national security mission.

“This union contract is eleven years in the making. AFGE was told from the start that there would never be a union at TSA, that there would never be a collective bargaining agreement. And AFGE’s response was always the same: These dedicated frontline employees deserve better,” Cox said. Through every battle, every testimony on the Hill, every meeting with management, every union event, every sleepless night, and every rally AFGE and these TSA officers never lost focus on making this contract a reality.”

“With this new contract, we hope to turn a new page in the history of this agency while we help make TSA a great place to work,” said AFGE TSA Council 100 President Hydrick Thomas.

This national collective bargaining agreement will:

  • Provide improved uniforms and permits uniform variations to account for weather and temperature;
  • Provide a greater degree of consistency and fairness on issues like annual leave bidding and shift trades; and,
  • Provide a stable and consistent process for shift bidding and movement between full- and part-time.

For more information on AFGE at TSA, visit www.TSAunion.com or www.Facebook.com/AFGETSA.

AFGE TSA Council 100 Executive Vice President Al Jackimowicz and TSA Partnership Office Director sign off on the contract ballot tally sheets as Council Secretary-Treasurer Dean Johnson and Council Regional Vice President 1 Stacy Bodtman look on.


13 Responses

  1. AWESOME! 10 years we have waited for this, finally it is here.

  2. When does the uniform and AAMD attendance policy go into effect?

  3. I hope the union does right by all of you good luck and make sure they follow everything. You all at SEA TAC are the hardest workers and management and supervisors need to understand if it was not for you all on the lanes THEY would not have a job. They need to quit being so rude and disrespectful to all of you.

    • For 10 years TSA has been a “Top Heavy” management department. We now have a voice who is not affiliated with TSA.

    • I believe the issue with supervisor’s and management is nation wide. I have worked in three airports and the same pattern is consistent in every airport. Over paid managers whom most have no experience in security, law enforcement, or military yet get senior executive pay checks…something is wrong with that also.

      • One thing you failed to mention is that the managers have no experience in managing, a business or people. Most of them act like a boss instead of acting like a manager or leader. They need to put into practice the management techniques we all read in the handbooks they hand out and the classes we’re forced to take.

        A boss commands and controls.
        A manager organizes and administers.
        A leader challenges and inspires.

  4. we need gs scale or law enforcement status with academy training

  5. Im confused about pass if someone can help me…does this mean if we fail 3 times in a test were not fired? or has nothing changed and we still lose are job after 3 tries? will tops cover this issue?

    • There is no more PASS. Yearly testing is now called TOPS- which will have nothing to do with your end-of-year bonus. You can still be fired if you don’t certify after 3 tries. But your bonus depends solely on your Supervisors opinion of you- which, in my opinion, leaves too much room for favoritism, a major problem with TSA.

    • U get 3 tries to pass PSE’s. your score does not count towards your bonus (if there is one) like it did with pass. However, if you cant pass in 3 tries, your dismissed. You can not be converted to single function or otherwise.

      • We have just started the 8 month re certs, thought this was suppose to be yearly? Anyway they have already fired a sup and lead. They are the only ones tested so far. We are all freaking out because the testers are our co-workers. It does not seem right to have a co-worker, both leads now doing our testing.

  6. gs scale?

  7. this is not right.. favoritism still plagues tsa Obama if you can read this help this agency convert to gs and no more 3 strike laws ..

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